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Fundación Salud Para el Trópico (Santa Marta)

IPSUM’s main tropical disease focused site was formed by an alliance with the “Tropical Health Foundation” (Fundación Salud para el Trópico) and is located outside the city of Santa Marta, in the northern coast of Colombia. The site has the capacity to assess not only new therapeutics but also the efficacy and safety of vaccines for conditions such as Chikungunya, DengueMalaria and Zika.   Click here to read more about some of our principal investigators for tropical diseases.

Strategic Orientation Disease Control Public Health Impact

Certified Services

Research Areas

Develoment And Evaluation Of New Drugs

Precilincal And Clinical Phases

Clínica Universitaria Bolivariana (Medellin)

Certified Services

Certified Services

24 Hour Emergencies
In order to deal with emergencies on a 24 hours basis, the Emergency Service has the adequate physical and technological infrastructure to treat trauma, acute and subacute states of diseases of high complexity.

Clinical laboratory
We have high technology equipment in each of the functional areas, which allow us to deliver reliable results and a correct diagnosis.


Laboratory of Pathology and Cytology (external support)


The Clinic currently has 4 operating rooms equipped for surgery of high complexity.
Surgery is done in the following specialties:


Hand in hand with the specialized pneumology service, the Clinic offers comprehensive care in the treatment of outpatients and hospitalized patients with respiratory diseases.


Intensive Care Unit – ICU

Adult Intensive Care Unit

Diagnostic Imaging Unit

Diagnostic Imaging Unit

The Maternal and Child Unit of the Clinic is a national and international reference center, which provides comprehensive care to patients with severe maternal and fetal pathology requiring advanced obstetric and perinatal care, intrauterine therapy and fetal surgery.

Complementary services


Orthopedics and traumatology

Multidisciplinary team consisting of: pulmonology, chest surgery and respiratory therapy with the best scientific and human quality and with the possibility to offer the following programs:

Pulmonary function:


Diagnostic Procedures